Frequently Asked Questions

Can I design an itinerary that includes more than one of your destinations? Eg, Istanbul and Cappadocia, or Bodrum, Ephesus and Istanbul, or anywhere else we would like to visit in Turkey?

Essentially, we can create a completely customized itinerary for you that includes all the places you want to go.

Can we visit Greece during our vacation in Turkey?

Yes, and we also have several gulet yacht itineraries which sail both in Turkey and to the Greek islands.

Can I combine a Neyzen land tour with one of your Yacht Charter cruises?

Yes, most of our clients do combine an oveland trip with one of our Yacht Charter Blue Cruises. The optimal time frame for a combination tour like this is 12-14 days. We suggest overland tours in Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus and Bodrum. Our yacht charters also start out from Bodrum. For more questions on Yachting vacations go to our Yacht Charter FAQ page.

Do you have package tours?

Each of our itineraries is unique and designed exclusively according to the individual or group request, and depends on the type of vacation you want and your specific interests.

How long do you recommend we stay at each of your main destinations?

    Optimum periods of stay:

  • Istanbul – 3 days at the beginning of your tour and 2 days at the end. Accommodation in 2 different neighborhoods. (Sultanahmet Old Town & Beyoglu &/or Bosphorus)
  • Cappadocia – 2.5 days minimum
  • Ephesus – 1 day (optional overnight in Sirince)
  • Bodrum – 3 days (2 days minimum)
  • Gulet Yacht Cruise – 5 day (4 days minimum)

What is the maximum number or people in a group?

We organize tours for small and large groups as well as for individuals. Just let us know the number of your group and we will coordinate.

Do you arrange flight bookings?

Yes, we will arrange all of your domestic flights.

Can you help us if we miss one of our flights?.

Yes, if you have your domestic flights booked by Neyzen, we are able to change or rebook flights for you.

Do you arrange airport transfer?

Yes, we arrange transfers from the airport to your hotel, gulet yacht or beyond and return.

Do you arrange hotel bookings?

Yes, we will arrange all of your hotel accommodation reservations.

What kinds of hotels will we stay in?

We offer a variety of accommodation types suiting a range of budgets. We will give you details of our select hotels and their pricing and you can choose accordingly.

Is getting around comfortable and safe in Turkey?

Turkey's domestic airlines are very comfortable- you even get a meal on a 50 minute flight. Traveling overland by vehicle is comfortable and safe. Neyzen provide reliable chauffeured or rental car services offering experienced drivers and new models of vehicle. The highways are modern and well maintained while the country roads are both safe and exceptionally scenic.

How much time will we spend traveling between destinations?

With airport expansion across Turkey and a large number of new flights and connections, guests are able to combine visits to all of our destinations with flight transfers not usually lasting more than an hour.

Are Neyzen tours escorted/guided?

According to your preferences we create a program that gives you as much time with or without a guide as you like.

Do the guides speak English?

Yes, all our guides speak excellent English. We can also arrange guides speaking German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French & Japanese.

Are the guides qualified?

Most of our tour guides are actually overly qualified- most with a PhD and some with 3 or 4! The guides we use are extremely experienced, knowledgable and personable working well with groups and individuals.

Do you arrange one-on-one tours with a guide?

Our guides will work with groups or individuals. We will arrange guides as you wish and find that often a mixture of days with guides combined with days where you are free to explore on your own works well.

How much free time will we have without our guide?

On days when you require a guide you have a choice of a half or full day option.

Can we hire a car or chauffeured vehicle during our trip?

Yes, we arrange both. Our own company Neyzen Car provides a quality car rental service with a variety of vehicles and drivers, while we also work with other trusted providers in other regions of Turkey as necessary.

Having already planned our itinerary, are you flexible with arrangements after we arrive and during our trip?

We pride ourselves on flexibility and continue working throughout your tour making any changes that you request, these may include extending your trip, incorporating new destinations etc

Our special interest is not listed on your website? Can you help us?

Whether you are anthropologists, artists, food-lovers, psychologists, teachers, or working in the corporate world, with our inside knowledge of Turkey and fantastic network, we can arrange unique experiences for you. You may have an unusual request such as visiting an orphanage or a refugee camp; we have arranged visits such as these for guests in the past. Just let us know what it is you want to do and we will do our best to make it happen. We make it our business to know whats on all over Turkey all the time! We can suggest current events, shows and exhibitions in many fields to you.

What about special dietary requirements in Turkey?

There is no problem arranging menus to cater for individual dietary requests and needs in hotels, restaurants or on our fleet of charter yachts. Turkish cuisine is very diverse offering an abundance of vegetable dishes, as well as meats and fish, and there is usually something on the menu for all tastes.

Are your tours suitable for kids?

If you are traveling with children, we will make sure that they are entertained! Our guides and crews have some great activities for occupying kids, and our team are expert at designing itineraries that offer a great balance for all members of a group, taking into consideration age as well as interests.

Do we need insurance?

Travel insurance is always advised and is your responsibility to arrange this from home before you travel.

Can we access doctors and hospitals in an emergency?

Yes. Turkey has a modern health system and we at Neyzen have a good netweok throughout Turkey of known physicians and doctors. Wherever you are on your trip, even during a yacht charter, we always make sure that you are not far from medical assistance if needed.

What sort of daily budget should we plan for?

This is determined by what it is you choose to do, the kinds of hotels you select, restaurants, extra activities, etc.

Are food and entry fees included?

We will make restaurant reservations for you but as you will be choosing your own meals, food is not included in the tour fee.

Entrance fees for excursions such as sites, museums and art galleries, fees for classes and workshops, and unique experiences can be added into your tour fee. Excluding costs such as these from the price of your trip may enable you more flexibility as you travel.